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Home Automation

The term "Home Automation" has become more and more mainstream lately with a lot of the major cable and alarm providers providing some of these services, but what is Automation exactly? A true automation system will give you control (or have timed events) of devices within your home. These can be controlled while in your home or a world away from your computer phone or tablet. Here is a list of the devices that our systems will control and what the benefit of automating them would be.

  • Lights- There are two major reasons people automate the lighting in their home, convenience and security. The convenience side would be the ability to create "scenes" such as "relax" which dims the lights to 45%, or "goodnight" which will turn off all of the lights that you would normally walk around and shut off before you go to bed. The possibility's and number of scenes are endless and are totally customized to meet your needs. The security side is the ability to never come home to a dark home, or should you hear a noise in the middle of the night you can turn all of the lights to full (and have the outdoor lights blink on and off) with one button push. This is far more effective than going room to room turning on a light switch because at that point the intruder knows exactly where you are and they still have the advantage of the darkness. Also because the lights get their time from the internet there is no more setting timers whenever daylight savings takes effect. We simply tell the light to turn on ten minutes before sunset and turn off at your specified time!
  • Thermostats- Automating the thermostats has a few advantages. The most obvious is energy savings, but our systems also have the ability to send you notifications should your house get below a certain temperature. This is a great feature if you are away or if it is a second home because it will allow you to get someone over to fix the problem before the problem becomes much larger with frozen pipes and water leaks.
  • Door Locks- This will give you the ability to let someone in remotely or get a notification if the door is opened between pre determined hours (teenagers are not a huge fan of this feature)! We can also alert you if you accidently left the garage door open and you can close it with the touch of a button on your phone!
  • Cameras- You will have full access to any cameras you may want to install at your home. A big difference between what we offer and what the cable providers offer is that our cameras record where theirs do not... Not sure why you would want a camera that does not record, that is unless you plan on watching it all day!
  • Shading- Automating your blinds has both functional and "cool" factors. The functional side is that the blinds can be programmed to close fully or partially as a timed event or via photo sensors that detect the sunlight. This will help prevent fading on expensive furniture and carpeting. The "cool" factor is being able to have the shades go up in the morning and wake up to the sunshine instead of the horrible alarm clock!
  • Security- Being able to disarm the system remotely to allow a cleaning person, plumber etc. to gain access to the home without having to leave it disarmed all day, this goes hand in hand with the door lock feature.
  • Other items that can be automated...Hot tubs, pool heaters, all of your audio and video systems, irrigation systems and more!

Automation really is one of the things we enjoy most because it is totally customized to what the client wants. Imagine coming home and before you get to the driveway hitting a "home" button on your phone and the following happens. Garage goes up, lights go on (only after sunset), temperature goes to a pre set level, blinds go up and music goes to your favorite Pandora station. All of this is not only possible, it has become very affordable! Automation is not only for the super wealthy anymore.